Sunday, May 11, 2008

Water Balloon Fight

We have really fun neighbors across the street and their mom, Colleen always has fun stuff for them to do. This day she brought out the water balloons. It was so much fun! Our family was so happy when they moved in because they have a daughter the same age as Paige, a daughter that is the same age as Zoe, and a son that is just a year older than Livee, and they all get along really good. They don't have a child that is Miles age, but that is OK because he has a crush on Colleen. He calls her Sister (Sister Cancienne). And that is another cool thing, they go to our church too. Oh yeah, Colleen is a great cook and she is always sending over samples of yummy goodies for us to try. We couldn't ask for better neighbors! I told them they could never move. :)
OK, so on with the water balloons.......

Good catch Livee!
Zoe's trying to tie her balloon.
Paige was the "mean girl" of the day. Everyone else had little balloons... she got the bucket.
Watch out Miles!


Amelia said...

FUN! Poor Miles!!

colleen said...

Oh you are too much! You know we are the lucky ones! It is so scary to move and it turns out you are not scary at all! What a great family you have and it turns out You are so talented where I am not. Happy Mothers Day!