Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life's A Beach!

The girls' neighbor friends, Megan and McKay had their birthday party at Life's a Beach. This has got to be the best idea for a restaurant ever! The kids get to play in a huge "beach" that is filled with buckets and sand toys. On Wednesday nights they even have an adult beach volleyball league. The food is OK. I don't think it is great, but the prices are good, and I will definitely go back because it is such a fun place. We did have to leave the party a little early though, because it a was a little bit windy that night and Zoe and Livee's asthma started acting up. That was a bummer but other that..... so much fun!


Tasha said...

That is SUCH a cute idea for a restraunt! LOVE IT!! A great place for a party too.

Michelle said...

What a fun idea! I bet the kids LOVE it there. Glad you all had a good time! Sorry you had to leave early...bummer.