Monday, May 12, 2008

Annual Brushy Creek Barbeque

Craig's Cousins, Haley and Lloyd have this huge barbecue every year, I think they invite everyone they know. We haven't been to it for a long time, since we lived in Watauga. We got to go this year and it was so fun! There was lots of family that we haven't seen forever, and so Craig got to show off his kids a little too. This place is a kids paradise (as long as your kids don't mind getting dirty!) They have goats, cows, horses, chickens, cats, pot-bellied pigs (a couple of piglets were born that morning, sooo cute), and of course a dog named Cowboy. The girls had tons of fun and Miles had a blast too. Craig had to fight Miles in order to get him into his car seat, he was kicking and screaming the whole time (Miles was, not Craig.) Can't wait 'til next year! Enjoy the pictures! Most of them are of Miles, but he was the only one I could keep track of, the girls had over 70 acres to wander around and get lost in all day.

Click on this picture to enlarge it. You can see Miles is looking at the little newborn piglets.

I told you the kids are gonna get dirty!

Paigee and Aunt Monica

Zoe's just hangin' out.


Letti said...

Wow that looks like fun. Ican see why Miles didn't want to Did you get any more pictures of he piglets? They are so cute. Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast! By the way paigee never gave me an e-vite to her blog.

Amelia said...

Looking forward to next year! Better be some baby pigs then too!! haha:)

Paigee said...

sorry, Tiff. I'll invite you right now!!!!