Friday, May 16, 2008

He's so confused

I got Miles this new lawn mower hoping that it might keep him in our yard instead of in the road or across the street. Nope!!! He loves to push it anywhere except through the grass. I'm just happy that we live on a very un-busy :) street.


Letti said...

That is so funny and a little scary.

Sallie said...

Very cute. I love those Chucks. Where did you find them? Definitely a must have.

Tasha said...

Don't you just love those lawn mowers!! I just had to get one for my boys this year too. They totally follow their Dad when he is mowing the lawn too. They are fabulous. Myles is getting so big. I just cannot believe how fast they grow up.

I am very sad that i am going to miss seeing you on the one Sunday you are here in Cali! How do things like that always work out? When do you leave California? I am excited you are coming for Sydney's graduation though. Hopefully we will still get to see each other.