Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paige's last elementary school choir performance. :(

The choir had it's final concert of the year last week. They performed a really fun song called "Family Reunion" Paige was from the hillbilly side of the family. She told Craig she got her inspiration from him. :) I'm not sure he likes his little girls growing up so much. They like to gang up on him and tease him a lot. The concert was really good, I will miss seeing Paige in it next year, but Zoe can be in it since she will be in 4th grade. So we will still have one Carmack girl up there singing her heart out for JES. This school year has flown by! Only one more week left. Summertime here we come!
That there is one dang cute hillbilly young'n!

Daddy's nightmare coming true!

After the concert we went to McDonald's for $1.00 kids meals. Can't beat that! Iya, Carys and Grayson, and Uncle Bobby came with us. Uncle Bobby kept telling Paige he was embarrassed to go out to eat with her. :) The Canciennes met us up there too. Fun, fun day!


Tasha said...

Yeah for Paige! She did look like one good Hilbilly! It looked like a fun day for all of you. And $1 kids meals . . . now that is a deal! :)

Amelia said...

Hey did you manage to sit in that high chair?? good balance! ....we LOVED your performance...I loved the cow song!!

Letti said...

I wish that I could of been their to see it. Good job Paigee.