Friday, August 1, 2008

Gatorade and new stuff

This is the only Gatorade flavor that I have ever really liked. The others are all kind of weird and watery and salty. I thought that this was a discontinued flavor because I haven't found it for years. (Not that I have been looking too hard or anything, mainly just at gas stations when we are on road trips.) But I found it at a little tiny whole in the wall grocery store/grill here in my little tiny city. I was so happy, I bought two. I think I had a couple sips of one of them before they were seized by Craig and the girls. At least I know where I can find them if I ever have a really weird desire for one. :)
I'm on a roll this week at finding little random things that make me happy. First the Citrus Cooler Gatorade, now this stuff:

The black shelf/cubby type thing was 12.95!!! and the Santa Fe lantern was 10.00 marked down from 25.00. I had planned on using both of them in Miles room. The shelf thingy has 6 big cubbies that would be perfect for storing his books and trucks and toys. But when I brought it home Miles was asleep in his room, so I just put it outside of his room between the bedroom doors. I kinda like it. It might stay there with some books and decorative stuff... maybe a picture above it, ooh with a lamp... the possibilities are endless!

I'm still going to use the lantern in his room once we put a shelf up in there. I figured this is about as "trainy" as I can get in there without having Miles called a foamer (the train-man term for those people obsessed with trains, pictures of trains.... anything to do with trains.) I couldn't resist it. Don't you think it will look cute in a little boys room? Especially a little boys room whose Daddy, and 99% of the other men in his family work for good 'ol Santa Fe. (BNSF) Plus it's red! I had to get it!

They came from this little place nearby. I can't say the name in case any of my local readers (all 2 of them) feel the need to go there and buy up all of the other treasures that I need to go back for. So for now, my little find is to remain anonymous... except that one of my readers has already been there with me. Shoot! Maybe she'll forget.



Sallie said...

I know where you went. HAHA. If I'm right, I used to have a store there. I love the stuff you got. The lamp is such a cute item.

Amelia said...

I'm trying to erase that memory as I type!! :) never went to that store with Lynda, never went to that store with Lynda..heehee

heart nan said...

What if someone comes to your house next june...
Letti, found some basket-kind-of-things that would fit into your cubby maybe
anyways it loooks goood!!!
heart, mom

Tiffany said...

Great find Lynda. You can't beat pices like that! Wow! Is there a store like that around my house? I promise I'll keep out of yours. Hehehe.

Tasha said...

Love what you have found!! Love the cubby thing and what a price!! But the red lanturn. Now, that is awesome. I really like the two together too :)