Thursday, August 7, 2008


They say time flies when you're having fun. Well, anyone who knows Zoe knows that these nine years didn't just fly by, they flew by "speed of light" fast. That is how fun Zoe is! You can't be around her for more than a few minutes without catching her giggle-itis. Everybody loves this girl. Babies and little kids always love to play with her. She has got tons of friends at school. Even her aunts and uncles want her to go to their houses because she is so fun and such a good helper. Sometimes they don't even want to give her back. She is just an all-around happy, good, fun, smart, cute... and so on, and so forth... girl! (Moms are allowed to brag sometimes!) Our family is very blessed to have her!
Here are a few pictures from her birthday:
She didn't wake up until 9:00. Finally Craig went to the donut store and woke her up when he got back.

Opening her presents: shoes, clothes, and an "OH MY GOSH, YOU GOT ME AN iPOD" ( I think she liked it)

Oh yeah! She got one more thing too:






A haircut!

She donated 11 inches of hair to Locks of Love. We're so proud of you Zoe!
Look how thick her hair is. It stands up on its own. :)
Her cute little yellow shoes fit her personality perfectly!

Here are a few before and after pictures:

This is what she looked like all day. My phone was ringing off the hook! She is definitely growing up too fast!
We love you Zoe!!!
And no, those aren't real earrings. :)


Amelia said...

Zoe, I think it was really cool of you to GIVE on your birthday, to such a great cause! Zoe and Lynda, you truly are both great examples to Carys and you both!! ( I really do love your new haircut!!)

Letti said...

Zoe I love your new haircut. What a special thing you have done and just think how happy that child will be when they get their wig.

Sallie said...

Awesome Lynda. I know she will be so proud of that for a long time. Zoe your new haircut is beautiful. You look very grown up.

Anonymous said...

Zoe you are the best 9 year old. I'll even forgive you for turning 9. You know 8 is my fav. #! Love you.

Rowdy Family said...

Zoe Happy birthday!!! We think it's awesome about locks of love. Do they accept leg hairs? We have plenty of those