Monday, August 18, 2008

O!!! M!!! G!!! (with an osh)

Miles hair was getting a little long, so I asked Craig if he could trim it up. He had a #7 clipper attachment thingy so I thought I could live with that. It would still be a lot shorter, but still okay.
See. He looks cute! Different, but cute!
Here is where the trouble started. With the #7 trim, it was still long enough where I could still mess with it - spike it up, or play with it, whatever. But then I noticed that it was still long over and around his ears. "Craig, can you just fix these little spots right by his ears?" "Sure. Come here Miles. ...Oops!" A little bit WAY too short around the ears. Can you say "scalped?!" So, of course we had to fix it.
Oh. My. Gosh.
That is not a fake picture!
That is Miles. With no hair!

Good thing he is so dang cute and can pull off any haircut!

But doesn't he look so different!


Letti said...

IT makes him look a lot older. It's a good thing hair grows back because I have had a few haircuts that I don't like. I think it looks really cute on him.

Amelia said...

He's so cute either way!

Amelia said...
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Sallie said...

He looks cute with his new doo. Now Mark Anthony is the only shaggy baby.

Tasha said...

I hate when things like that happen! It has happened with my boys too. But, I would have to say Miles actually looks REALLY REALLY cute with the short hair. (I can understand how you were sad though . . .but he really does look cute.)

Michelle said...

Ahh...he looks adorable!!

Texas Peterson's said...

ah he looks like a big boy now. Call me girl.