Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe!!!!

9 Things I love about Zoe

She has the most infectious giggle and when she starts giggling there's no stopping her.
She broke her arm and didn't even cry
Broke off the tip of her finger
She is allergic to barn animals
She has the thickest prettiest blond hair
She always says the funniest things
She is definitely a blond
Her heart skipped a beat
She knows how to sew

I love you Zoe, I hope you have a happy Birthday!


lynda said...

Thanks! zoe

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!!!

heart nan said...

8 things I love about Zoe
+1 thing I don't like about Zoe =

Her middle name is Kate
(the great)
She loves too cook
(doesn't need a book)
She has good control of herself
(no time-outs on shelf)
She is always modest
(that's the hottest)
She never stays mad
(for that I'm glad)
She is crafty
(never nasty)
She is a happy girl
(not a snappy whirl)
She has really good guts*
(she won't drive Chloe nuts!)

She lives in Texas
(too far for the lexus)

I heart your "happy birthday" guts!
heart nan

Sallie said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! I hope you have a fabulous Birthday! Caroline misses you gals!

lynda said...

Dear Nan,

Your Lexus gets good MPG
So fill'er up and come see me!