Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks everybody!

I really did have the best birthday! (despite the getting older part) My kids woke me up with this candy-gram they made me. Don't I just have the cutest, cleverest, sweetest kids ever?!! I love it. And I love that they were already begging me for some of the candy off of it by noon. Hey, those are my birthday present calories! Wait, maybe I should give it all to them... we did just go to the dentist and they were all cavity free, so... here you go kids, except save me the Skor bar!

A little later Cousin Kellie and Amelia came over and made me breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon AND sausage. Yep, the kids are definitely getting the candy! Then I opened my present:
I totally wanted this really bad. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have no idea how to use it, but I am excited to learn. Here's to crooked lines and uneven seams. :)
A friend of ours was having her annual summertime party, so that's where we were for the evening. So much fun! There was tons of good food. Too much! Just ask Amelia how much meat she ate. hee hee. The girls were loving the swimming pool.

And Miles was loving the little mud puddle he found. In the huge one acre backyard there was one tiny little mud puddle. Tiny! But, of course he would find it. He was covered in mud. That's OK though, he had fun, he gave everyone a good laugh, and he didn't even mind getting hosed off by Dad.
Thank you everyone for such a good day and for all your calls and your Happy Birthday serenades (Aunt Toni and Tiffany)! I loved 'em. Too bad you didn't know that I was recording you. :)

I love you guys!



Amelia said...

I'm so glad you had a great day, it took all I had to not bring a birthday cake to that party, that was my REAL present to you!! heehee...and yes, I ate more meat at that BBQ than most of the MEN! ewwwww....I couldn't help it since I was starved....I hadn't eaten since breakfast and eww biscuits and gravy, so I was so hungry...excuses, excuses!! haha..., yes...looking forward to crooked lines!!

Rowdy Family said...

I can't believe that you and darian are the same age

lynda said...

Ha Ha Rowdys! Cody, you are just a few years behind me. So if I am getting old...... :)