Monday, August 4, 2008

Tighty Whiteys

Check out my big boy. He's all grown up in is big boy unders. So cu-ute! He's a little proud too. Look at him shamelessly showing off those muscles.
All the little ladies need to close their eyes now! Oh my goodness, I love it when the little ones get potty trained. And not just because of the whole dirty diaper thing. (that too, of course) But look at the little buns!! I can't help it! Little baby buns just look too cute in real, big-kid underwear.
He's gonna hate me when he's a teenager isn't he?!


Letti said...

I agree they look so cute with their big boy unders. I am still amazed at how well Miles is doing using the big boy potty.

Amelia said...

He is a potty genius!! Way to go with your little unders!!

Rowdy Family said...

we need some help with rowdy

Sallie said...

Great job Myles. What an adorable kid! You already know that!