Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Craig Jr.

Miles is definitely his daddy's boy! He loves to get into Craig's grip and take out his radio and flashlight. He wants to do whatever Daddy is doing.... mowing the yard, installing new plumbing, fixing the sprinklers, taking out the trash. Actually one of his favorite things is throwing away his diapers. After we change him he will take the diaper and say "trash" and then we will take him outside to throw it in the garbage, and he is so happy to do it. I hope he still has that good attitude about it when he is a teenager and it's one of his chores! He is talking a ton now and he loves to tell you the different animal sounds. If you call at the right time you might even get him to talk on the phone for a minute or two. He is such a boy too! Always wants to be outside in the dirt or playing with his Tonka truck. He loves to throw everything, if he can pick it up, watch out 'cause it's gonna be flying through the air in a second! It's funny, I never really knew that I wanted a son until I had him, now I can't imagine not having this little guy in our family. I love my Craig and my little Craig Jr.!


Letti said...

Very cute. Hopefully Cole will be talking like Miles soon. I can't wait until Miles and Cole can play together.

Tasha said...

Miles is such a cutie! I have missed so much this week. It is fun to read and keep updated with all of you. I can't believe that Paige is going to be in Jr. High either! Crazy. She was looking a lot older in one of her recent pictures.

colleen said...

I will testify that Miles does indeed insist on throwing his own diaper away! I had him for a bit last week and he was an ANGEL until I tried to take his diaper to the garage(I should have read this first so I would know)then he put up a fight til he won and I finally gave him the dirty diaper and sure enough he just wanted to do his chore! WHAT A GOOD BOY!
My old peditrician told me that little boys want to grow up and be employed and that they start practicing in their youth.