Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Smartie Pants!

Yester-day we had a meeting at the school to figure out what classes Paige will be taking next year at the Jr. High. Her teachers recommended that she be placed in all Pre. AP classes. I was concerned about the amount of homework she might have. I want her to still have time to be a kid! So I talked to all 3 of her teachers and they all said they don't think Paige will have a problem keeping up and that she shouldn't have a ton of homework. So we will see how that goes. She also picked her electives, choir and theater arts. I can't believe she is going to be in Jr. High already!!! I'm a little bit freaking out about it. My little girl is growing up. I am sad about that, but I am so proud of her! Her teacher tells me that she wants to clone her, so that all of her students can be like Paige. I know she will be fine at the new school, I just don't know if I will!

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Letti said...

Good job Paige. I know the feeling Lynda. Chase goes to Jr. High next year and I am so nervous and scared. I want my kids to stay young.