Monday, April 7, 2008

a little catch-up blog

I haven't been blogging much lately so here is a quick update. Paige and Zoe got the results back from the dreaded TAKS test. They both passed with commended scores. Paige only missed 2 questions on the whole test and Zoe only missed 1. They were both really worried about it (especially my little worrier Zoe) so they were happy to find out they passed! Livee is an expert bike rider and is now riding her bike to school with her sisters almost every day. Craig and I also found a punishment that works. All we have to do is mention that they might not get to ride their bike the next day. They've only been grounded from them one time, but it worked! Miles is talking so much now. He is very polite too, now he is saying please and thank you.
On Saturday it was such a nice day. We went to the creek in our neighborhood and hiked around for a while. The girls loved looking for fish and Craig taught them how to skip rocks. Miles was only interested in throwing the rocks. Later we went to Grandpa's house. The girls watched a movie upstairs, and Miles wore out his grandpa. He would not let him out of his sight, and made Grandpa carry him everywhere.

And finally the unveiling of the pottery. They had so much fun making these!


Letti said...

Congrats girls. I love the picture in front of the creek. I am glad that you found a good incentive for the girls. I think that MIles needs to start teaching Cole some Cole is polite too except that he signs it. I wish that he would start talking more.

Tasha said...

Way to go girls on passing. you really live in a beautiful area. It looks like you have been doing good as a family. You are such an example to me Lynda of a good Mother. I love reading what is going on in your family.