Monday, April 28, 2008

Honor Choir

Paige is in the Honor Choir for her school district. On Saturday they had an all day music workshop. At the end of the day they had a little concert. The fifth graders sang three songs, and then the older grades performed a few songs. Next time you see Paige, ask her to sing you "Things I Learned From A Cow." It's a really cute song.

After Paige's group performed I had to take Miles out into the foyer, he had been good and quiet for as long as possible for a 19 month old! He found a little friend there. They were so cute together. They followed each other around everywhere, and then when one of them would sit down, the other one would sit down and then scoot over as close as possible. She was adorable with all her curly hair. Miles is already quite the ladies man! :)


Letti said...

Good job Paige I can't wait to hear your song.

Amelia said...

Paige! I'm really proud of you...all Pre-AP classes next year and honor choir this are so well rounded and I'm super proud of are a great example to little Miss Thing!! :) haha

Anonymous said...

Ha he stole my heart a long time ago