Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Livee

Happy Birthday Livee!
Yep, we've had her for 6 years already. Time flies!
She is such a fun, funny girl. Today Craig and I took her out to eat and she was telling us that a Jaguar is the fastest animal in the world, it can run 50 minutes an hour! Before we went to dinner we dropped off the other kids with Uncle Bobby, Uncle Tad and Iya. Bobby asked her if he could take her out on a date tomorrow. She just started giggling and said no. So on our way home from dinner, I asked her why she didn't want to go on a date with him,
Livee - He's too old.
Me - I think he wants to take you out for your birthday.
Livee - No Mom, he's too old.
Me - Livee, he wants to take you shopping.
Livee - But, I already spent all my money.
Me - No, he wants to buy you a present.
Livee - But it's not my birthday tomorrow. He's too late.
Me - It's okay you can still go tomorrow.
Livee - But it won't be my birthday tomorrow!
(Craig and I just start cracking up because she is so serious and so worried that she can't go birthday shopping when it's not her birthday.)
Livee (giggling now) - I just don't know what you're saying. I don't get it.
She just could not understand the whole date thing, and then shopping for a present when it wasn't her birthday just made it even more confusing for her. :) One more funny story from today: Livee loves wearing dresses so I got her 2 new dresses. One of them she loves. The other one... she opened it and then kind of put it to the side. Paige and Zoe wanted her to try on the dresses and she said "I don't really like that one". Paige talked her into trying it on to see if she would like it when she was wearing it. She put it on and said "um, no." So I'll be returning that dress tomorrow. :)

I did a little interview with her earlier today:
color - pink and red
number - 6
food - tomatoes
restaurant - Chuck E. Cheese
song - Grumpy Gus and Our Song
website - nick jr
best friends - Carys, Emma, and Hannah
school activity - Creation station
primary song - Scripture Power
scripture story - all about Joseph Smith
She wants a red Slug Bug when she turns 16. She wants to be a worker at PetSmart when she grows up. She wants to get married in the Justin Temple. :) She wants to marry a tall boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He needs to be funny he needs to be a missionary and he's going to be a train engineer. She wants to have 3 kids, triplets, all girls named Allie, Paige, and Delaney.
Livee's All-Time Favorite Joke:
Can you spell I Cup?
P.S. Thank you Grandpa Doc for the cute swimsuit she has on in the picture. We took her to 2 different stores trying to find the perfect thing to buy. She LOVES her new swimsuit!!!


Monica said...

Happy 6th birthday Livee Lu-Lu!

You are a very special part of this family!!!

We all love you very, very much baby girl!


Rowdy Family said...

Levelyn!!! You are so stinkin cute! I like all the birthday stories your mom shared and I am glad you have a good fashion sense. You must have gotten that from your Uncle Cody.
We love you! Happy birthday And Happy day after your birthday!

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday Livilyn!! We love you so much!!

Sallie said...

Happy Birthday to You, Livee. We hope you had a great day.

Paigee said...

livee, thank you for naming one of your kids after me!!!!:)