Sunday, April 6, 2008

FC's and GC

Funnel Cakes and General Conference


We made funnel cakes and then we had a picnic upstairs and watched Conference together. They were really yummy, but they are kind of a messy treat to make and eat. You can tell the kids loved them! Livee asked if we can make them again for her birthday breakfast. :O We will have to see about that one! Maybe the donut fairy will make an early morning delivery on Wednesday. ;) I'm really sad that Sis. Tanner got released. The girls really like hearing the stories about her grandkids. She really gets them to pay attention. I love peaceful Conference Sundays! I always feel like I miss a lot though, it's hard to always pay the best attention at home with squirmy kids! I'm thankful for DVR so I can go back and watch it again!

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Tasha said...

What a great great idea for Conference breakfast! Looked yummy and everyone was having fun with it. Conference was very hard for my boys this year. I am just grateful I got a little bit out of it. I think I will be trying to rewatch for the next few weeks. It was neat to all stand at our designated times and sustain the prophet on Saturday. I didn't remember that is how we did it with President Hinckley. I loved it.