Monday, April 28, 2008

Livee's 1st field trip

So Livee had her 1st field trip so that means she finally got to ride on a school bus. I think she was more excited about that, than the actual field trip. Too bad she fell asleep as soon as the bus took off! What happened to the days when the parents got to ride on the bus with their kids? All of the parents had to get themselves to the zoo. When I was in school one of my favorite things about field trips was getting to ride on the bus with my mom. I'm missing out on that with my kids! Anyways... we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. There were so many parents on this trip that most of them were only responsible for their own child. I just had Livee and her friend Codie.
Our first stop always has to be the flamingos. They look fake in this picture, like yard decorations.
The girls loved the Bat Phones. Livee has a scared look on her face because she had just heard on the phone that there are rattlesnakes in Texas.
Just lookin cute with the little elephant statue.
They had a "moment."

These pictures crack me up! Girls will be girls! I think Livee and Codie had spent a little too much time together that day. Did you notice the little argument and the elbow jab? :)

It was a long day. Once we got to the zoo, and the teachers got us checked in and passed out tickets, we only had about 2 1/2 hours to see everything, and we had to fit lunch in there too. I felt like I was rushing the girls through all the exhibits, just pointing out the animals as we passed through. It was a warm, humid day, so we were all worn out by the end of it. Livee slept through the whole trip home too. So much for the excitement of the bus ride!

I can't wait to do it again!!!

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Letti said...

It no wonder you have to drive yourself. With all those moms that go they would need their own It looks like you guys had a fun day.