Monday, March 3, 2008

Family Night

Tonight for family night we are going to watch Oprah's Big Give. It started last night, and It is on every Sunday night I just DVR'd it so we can watch it together tonight. I haven't seen it yet, but I know that it is about giving and serving. Sounds like a good FHE lesson to me.
We are going to have an early dinner and then eat treats and watch the show together. Afterwards, we will talk about different ways that we can help people throughout the week. I am excited to hear all the different ideas the girls will come up with. I think kids are more willing and happier to help out and serve others than adults are sometimes. I know that they can be a lot more tender-hearted than we usually are. Every time there is a commercial on TV about sending money to children in need, or dogs in need, or anything in need, Paige and Zoe beg me and Craig to call and send money. At Grandpa Perks house the other day the girls watched Free Willy and and when it was over Paige asked if she could use my phone. She had written down the number at the end of the movie 1-800- SAVETHEWHALES or something like that, and she just had to call to help save them. When I see those commercials I usually just fast forward through them or I just tune out. I think I am going to be the one learning tonight, from the show, and the example of my kids.

UPDATE: Paige and Zoe liked the show and they came up with a lot of ways that they could help people. It didn't really keep Livee's attention, and of course Miles was all over the place. So... we decided we will just watch it with the older girls whenever we get a chance, but we will keep FHE a little shorter and sweeter from now on.


Letti said...

Thats a good idea. Maybe we can do that tomorrow for FHE.

Tasha said...

What a great idea! I love it.

Tasha said...

Yeah! It let me post a comment. I have come on before, but it would never let me. I thought "I will try just one more time and then be sad that I can never comment to you." But, this time is worked! You have completely made my day!!!!(Sad, but I am being serious. :) )

Paigee said...

It was 1-800-4-WHALES,,, DER, spelled backwards, R.E.D.!!