Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Snowing!

It just started, so you can't really tell in the pictures but IT'S SNOWING! It's not sticking yet, but they're saying 2-3 inches by the morning. We'll see if that happens. For now the girls are running wild through the house screaming "It's snowing! It's snowing, we gotta call Daddy. I need to call Marquie. Can I call Nan?" Yep, they are a little excited. I am too! Watching a little snow fall from the inside of my nice warm house is the best. I am so glad that this is not an every day thing where I have to drive in it, bundle up to go out in it, and scrape it off my car windows all the time! It's the perfect amount of snow for me. One or two pretty little snowfalls a year, and never enough sticking to turn into the dirty black slush!

***Did you notice Paige's hoodie in the picture? Earlier in the day she was at her friends house across the street, and they wanted it to snow, so they came up with a plan. They would turn there sweatshirts inside-out and backwards and then do a snow dance all through the house. I guess it worked!

UPDATE: There was no 2-3 inches. I don't think it ever stuck on the ground at all. Today it was much warmer, in the high 60's. You never know what's going to happen with this crazy Texas weather. It was fun while it lasted though!


Letti said...

How fun. That is the same kind of snowfalls I like Lynda. Keep us posted on how much snow you will get. Paige good job on the snow dance.

Monica said...

Paigee - the snow is suppose to return tomorrow, so get ready to do the snow dance again!!!!

I love you!!!

Tasha said...

Yeah for snow! That sounds like the perfect amount too. I love the Paige sweatshirt thing!! So hilarious. But, it looks like it did work.

Paigee said...