Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She did it!

She can ride a bike now!
Craig had tried many times to teach her but, Livee was just not interested. He could not understand why a kid didn't want to ride a bike. He would come in the house after their little mini lessons so frustrated. He says she is just as stubborn as him and sometimes they just butt heads about things. I think she just wanted to do it when it was her idea, and when she was good and ready. They were only outside yesterday for about 5 minutes when Craig came in and said, come look at Livee, she's riding! He was a very proud dad!!!
She's off!
Oops! There were still a few crashes, but every time she just got up an tried again.
This time she had gone all the way down the street, turned around, stopped, and then started going again all by herself. Good job Livee!
Livee is our feisty little girl, but also super sweet! Here is a good example of the different sides of Livee:
Sunday morning we were getting ready for church, and she did not want to wear the shoes I had picked out for her. The pair she wanted to wear were outside, all muddy because she had worn them down to the creek the day before. So Craig was trying to get the dreaded shoes on her, and I was trying to fix her hair, and she was just upset about everything! Craig had a little talk with her, (if you can call losing his patience, and "talking" to her using his cell phone voice :] a little talk) then felt bad and gave her a hug and kiss, then we went to church. As soon as Sacrament Meeting started Livee got out her notepad and pen and started writing something down, then she showed it to me. This is what she wrote:
The last part says "I'm sorry that I been bad"
Nothing like a good dose of guilt for ol' Mom and Dad!
Gosh, I love this girl!!!


heart nan said...

I love her too!!!

You were six when you learned to ride a bike.

She'll be all grown before you know it, keep enjoying her and continue to...
train up a child when they are young and when they are old they will not derail (or something like that)
heart mom

Letti said...

Livee you are getting so big. When you come to visit we can go on a bike ride together.

Sallie said...

OMG, Can she teach Caroline. Oh, I heard from someone I can drop the kids by when I want to go out. Anytime?! Right!