Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Such a good helper!

I asked Zoe to clean up the bathroom and look what she came up with. She had gone to the Home Depot Kids Club on Saturday and they gave her this cute apron, and she filled it with all the cleaning supplies she would need, plus some. I think she's pretty clever! The bathroom was sparkling when she was done, too. Thanks Zoe!

*** A Zoe Funny: I gave her a little pocket planner yesterday and she loves that thing. She has been writing different events and phone numbers in it all day. We were in the car earlier, and she was still putting things in her planner and she asked me "Mom, what day is the 4th of......... never mind." I started laughing and said "Were you going to ask what day the 4th of July is on?" She said "ummm..........yeah." Of course she started giggling as soon as she realized what she was asking, and you know Zoe, once she starts giggling she can't stop! That's one of the best things about being a mom, hearing your kids laughter. I love it!!!


Letti said...

Zoe did you learn that from me. I used to clean like that too. I love to hear Zoe giggle she is contagious too.

Tasha said...

What a good helper! That is actually a great idea. Maybe I need to invent an apron that holds all my cleaners. It would make things easier. Smart girl!

Moni-ta said...

Great job Zoe!!! Hey, do you want to clean my bathroom next??? LOL

Better watch out - Paigee will be calling you a "neat freak" too!!