Monday, March 17, 2008


Down the street from us there is a family that has a five year old girl, Destiny. She has disabilities and is mentally like a two year old. Today the girls came running in the house yelling that Destiny is on the roof of her house all by herself. I ran outside and she had climbed out of a window and was climbing up a steep part of the roof. I told the girls to ride their bikes as fast as they could to go tell her parents. I was scared to death that I was going to see her fall and I couldn't do anything. I was still too far away. Finally her dad came out to see where she was and then one of her big sisters climbed out of the window and brought her back in. Then, my heart started beating, and I could breathe again! Everything turned out fine, thanks to the quick thinking, and fast riding of my three little heroes!


Amelia said...

Way to go Carmacks!!!! Paige you're almost ready for babysitting...I can trust her even if my kids go up on the roof!! haha :)

heart nan said...

Why is it that the one who worries the most, sees the most drama?
I'm thankful everything worked out H.E.A.!!!
Maybe the little girl was watching Sky High, they climb out the window and sit on the roof, we watched another show the other night where slumber party girls snuck out the window too. Hollywood!!!

Letti said...

Mom I was just thinking the same thing. Lynda I am glad that everything worked out. I would have been so scared.

Tasha said...

Oh, how scary!! I am so glad your three heros were paying attention and even saw her on the roof. You have such good girls.