Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow Day!

They cancelled school today because of our "blizzard" yesterday. We got to sleep in and hang out in our jammie's most of the day. The kids did go out and play in what was left of the snow for a little while. It is mostly gone. There is still some snow on the roofs of houses and in the shady parts of the yards, but totally different from yesterday. They say out here "If you don't like the weather, stick around it will change." It is so true! On Wednesday we took a little nature hike across the street from our house in a woodsy area. The kids were playing in the creek and catching fish. Miles was walking down the middle of the little creek splashing around in the water. It was so warm! Yesterday the kids said they woke up and went to school in Texas, and came home to Alaska. And, today the temperature was up in the high 40's and all the snow's melting away. Crazy TX!

Miles on Wednesday:

Miles on Thursday:

How's Miles going to be dressed tomorrow?


Letti said...

Texas can't make up it's mind? Somedays it wants to be California and somedays it wants to be Colorado. Silly Texas. Miles you are getting so big.

Nana Jill/Aunt Jill said...

Love your blog, Lynda. I am finally getting around to everyone's blog and getting them bookmarked. We need to visit you again now that you are back in TX. P.S. I can relate to the weather thing. We have had sun, rain, snow and fog all in the same day here in Utah.