Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our day at Grandpa's

We got to spend the whole day at Grandpa's house today. All the kids love going over there, so they were in heaven! Craig helped his dad and Cody build a fence for a while, and me and the kids just walked around their land looking at the horses and cows. When the guys finished working on the fence, Craig saddled up Rayson and let the kids ride for a little while. It was such a nice relaxing day, and the weather was perfect, 75 with a little breeze. I love seeing the kids over there with all the animals and tons of room to roam. I just wish that I wasn't such a chicken when it comes to big farm animals! I am getting better at letting the kids be around them though (well, as long as Craig is right with them and as long as the kids and Craig follow all my strict safety precautions! ) :) I can't help it, I'm a worrier!
Paige and Livee with Rayson and Cheyenne
I just love this picture
Riding in style
Three generations of Carmack boys
Yep, he's eating dirt
Paigee riding all by herself
Livee's always striking a pose
Zoe and Miles
Even I got on a horse!


Letti said...

Lucky. I am so jealous, I always wanted Granparents that had a farm. I wish I was there with you.

Amelia said...

Cute pictures! Looks like ya'll had fun! :)

Paigee said...

and zoe even scraped her side again!!! ouch!:(

Paigee said...

I like your"y'all" Iya!! :)