Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break 08

We had the best little trip ever! We stayed in downtown San Antonio, so we could just walk to the Riverwalk and the Alamo and all the cute little downtown shops. It was so fun! I can't wait to go again!
Here we are on the Riverwalk. See this cool old tree growing out of the side of the building. Yep, that's my monkey hanging from the branches.

After walking around for a while, we ate at this yummy restaurant, The Republic of Texas. Miles discovered that he loves eating condiments on this trip. Here, he only wants to eat the ketchup. The next day we ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse and he only wanted to eat the honey butter. I don't blame him though, their rolls and honey butter are yum!

Later we went to a souvenir shop and the kids got to try on some silly hats.

This is what happens to you after having four kids, and eating too many rolls with honey butter. Thank goodness I don't normally see this view of myself! :)

The next morning we got up and went to the Alamo. The girls had learned about it earlier in the school year so they were really interested in reading all the plaques, and they loved seeing all the different items in the museum. They loved seeing anything that had to do with Davy Crockett since we were staying at the Crockett Hotel.

Our whole trip, the girls had to make sure that they all got equal time pushing Miles in the stroller. Poor little prince!

They are sitting in a window of the Alamo. They couldn't believe how thick the walls are there.

We went to the Natural Bridges Wildlife Park next. All the girls said this was one of their favorite things we did.

Isn't this the scariest looking dinosaur bird thing ever?! It was eating out of Craig's hands.

There were so many cool animals here. Zoe is checking out some kind of really hairy camels. There was even a cute little baby camel out there running around. There were also zebras, and giraffes, and all kinds of goats and deer, there were some kind of long horn cattle there too, and the cutest little miniature donkeys.

I just love this picture! Look at how his little feet are crossed. :) He was like this most of the time, until the birds came up close.

This is one of the birds.

And this is what Livee looked like every time one of the ostriches got close. She is crouched down on the floor of the car. All the girls would scream because the ostriches would just reach their heads in the car and grab at the food. Miles even accidentally hand fed one. He had some food in his little fist, and the bird just grabbed it out of his hand. He didn't cry it just shocked him. The ostriches were my favorite because it made me laugh so hard seeing the girls screaming, and laughing and freaking out every time one came near.

They also had a little petting zoo there. It was only goats but the girls had fun feeding them. Every time one got too close to Miles he would shake and push them away and hold onto me or Craig for dear life.

After the Wild Animal Park we drove around New Braunfels and found the coolest parks there. Craig and all the kids climbed across this log to sit over the water.

Miles and Paige are my little tree huggers.

We used the self timer on the camera for the first time with this picture.

We went back to Landa Park the next day to let the girls swim for a little while. They had wanted to swim while we were there the day before but we didn't have their swimsuits with us.

Can you tell how crystal clear the water is? It was so pretty. You could see all the fish swimming around, and the flowers growing underneath the water.

Miles was happy to just throw rocks in the water.

Our last stop was at the capital in Austin. We went inside and did a little tour. The girls were really impressed by how high the ceiling was inside and all the big huge staircases.

That's it for our fun little trip. I would definitely recommend it to anyone! I think we are even planning on going back in June for Craig's vacation, and maybe again in August for Zoe's birthday. The best part of the whole thing was just being together with our family and spending some good time together. I loved it!


casey said...

awww that looks so fun!!! i would love to visit there sometime!!! and visit you guys soon

Amelia said...

looks fun lynda! love the ostrich picks and i was cracking up at the funny booty pic! :)

Letti said...

It looks like San Antonio has lots of cool things to do and see. I like the picture of the tree coming out of the building. Is that tree really old? The springs looked pretty cool too. Thanks for posting all of your pictures.

heart nan said...

What a great vacation and a great vacation blog.
I love that kind of nervous, laugh-your-head-off kind of stuff too!!!

Tasha said...

What a wonderful vacation!! The whole thing looked fabulous. I am glad you were able to get away for a few days and have such a nice time!